Intensive Aphasia Treatment Programs

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Is your family ready to move forward? We take care of everything–all you need to do is get here!

When you’re frustrated and having trouble communicating with each other, our individually-focused intensive aphasia treatment programs are here to help. We think outside of the box to help solve your specific issues and make communication easier.


Program 4 Week 6 Week 8 Week
young girls with aphasiaFor Primary Progressive Aphasia, mild aphasia, dysarthria

Choose one area of concentration or specific skill for functional communication

aphasia client writingRecommended for the most progress. Suits all aphasia types and apraxia

Targets 2-3 goal areas

intensive aphasia treatment For more severe aphasia and apraxia

Targets all language areas

Hours 108 162 216
Included in the program
Housing  x  x  x
Community Outings  x  x  x
Lunch  x  x  x
Homework  x  x  x
Materials  x  x  x
In depth assessments  x x  x
TDCS  x  x  x
Action Plan  x  x  x

What can you expect from our intensive aphasia treatment?

  • To learn more about aphasia. We explain the origins, common traits and progression of aphasia recovery, ways to communicate and speech/language systems.
  • To be treated as an individual. We design your program based upon your personal goals, continuously working to solve your specific issues.
  • To make progress. We work to improve the comprehension, reading, writing and speaking skills of each client.
  • To gain confidence. We increase your independence by providing the right tools for success.
  • To learn how to return to real life activities. We focus on the things our families care about, such as ordering at a restaurant, emailing, texting, or talking to family members
  • To get a detailed home program. We provide specialized training, materials and step-by-step activities to continue the intensity at home
  • To work with us online. we combine online therapy with your Aphasia Action Plan to push you further, faster. It’s the best way to tackle your aphasia.

All programs are $4858 per week. Local clients may be eligible for discounts or flexible scheduling. Programs less than 4 weeks may be available for qualified clients.

Explore typical client results for different types of aphasia, programs and time since brain injury on our aphasia case studies page.

We typically recommend a 6-week program for the first session. There is a cumulative effect of aphasia treatment–6 weeks allows for more in-depth and lasting improvements in awareness and in skills. Many of our families attend more than one intensive session. Family motivation, attendance, and cooperation contribute greatly to successful outcomes.

To see what a typical day looks like, click here.