Daily Treatment Schedule

Individual Therapy

Advance your language skills with individual expert therapy with a licensed aphasia specialist to work on your functional goals. Individual therapy is 5-hours daily Mon -Thu, and 3 hours on Fridays. Our unique approach combines reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension each session through multiple approaches to improve your communication and independence.

Technology Training

Learn new shortcuts to help your speech or writing using your phone, laptop, or Ipad. Sessions may be group or individual using our software, or relearning texting and emailing for better job skills or family communication.

Care Partner Training

Learn about your loved one's specific aphasia and easier ways to make lasting changes in your everyday communication. You'll attend weekly goal and progress meetings, but you may also schedule opportunities to observe and participate in the program. While not required for intensive therapy, clients will make faster, more permanent progress with some degree of Care Partner involvement.

Daily Homework & Functional Practice

Using our My Aphasia Coach app, work on therapist-assigned language exercises and videos that will help you carry-over skills you learned during the day. You may also call, email, or visit coffee shops, stores, and more after practice to increase your independence.
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