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Childhood Aphasia

Childhood, or pediatric aphasia, can result from damage to the left side of the brain from a stroke or brain injury. Like adult aphasia, all language input (understanding and reading) and output (writing and speaking) are affected to different degrees. Childhood aphasia can happen at any time–in utero, during birth, or at any time during the child’s life in which a stroke or other brain injury occurs.

Childhood aphasia can be treated at our intensive aphasia program. To be considered for intensive pediatric aphasia treatment, families must complete a consultation. A consultation is the minimum treatment option to discuss the child’s case and options, review records and to provide insight into how to best help the child with language learning and academics. Like adults with aphasia, children with aphasia will have different strengths, concerns and strategies that work better for them.

Childhood aphasia is different from a developmental language or speech disorder, but pediatric therapists are not trained in aphasia and may lack insight into acquiring certain skills or how to best assess the child’s knowledge. Intensive treatment for childhood aphasia at our facility is done on a modified schedule that best fits the child’s stamina and attention. For example, a child who has seizures may come for 3 hours 4 days per week with an extra day off. Parents may be required to stay on-site for the entire session day.

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