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10 Things About Aphasia - Part 2

The following are ten characteristics your loved one with aphasia may exhibit. These traits are actually relatively common across individuals with aphasia. Based on hundreds of conversations with caregivers, these items are frequently discussed topics of concern. The person with aphasia:

  •  Interacts better during therapy activities with a person other than the spouse or caregiver
  • Makes you play “20 questions”
  • Says a word one time but then can’t repeat it
  • Says “forget it” or makes a gesture of “nevermind” instead of trying harder to communicate
  • Becomes upset or sad about having aphasia
  • Becomes disinterested in activities he/she used to like
  • Uses nodding or head shake to answer questions instead of talking
  • Answers yes/no questions inconsistently
  • Has a preserved ability to use their favorite swear words
  • Focuses on the negative aspects of aphasia

Depending upon your loved one’s personality and type of aphasia, they may have several traits or none of these traits. In our next newsletter, we’ll break these 10 items down and provide an explanation or discussion of each. Feel free to send your comments or concerns about aphasia to Dr. Bartels-Tobin at [email protected].

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