• Kristine decided to not focus on “fixing” her aphasia

    Instead of focusing on the “fix” for her aphasia, she focused on the smaller goals. She gained faster word retrieval, written communication, and most importantly, confidence.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Leaves Professional Athlete with Aphasia!

    Hailing from France, professional equestrian rider and trainer was left with aphasia after a traumatic brain injury on the job. Her mother Cecile talks about leaving life in France to help her daughter regain her independence.
  • Greta’s Response to Intensive Aphasia Therapy Skeptics

    How would you respond to skeptics? Greta simply replied, “They just see potential and hope in every situation!”
  • Bi-lingual Intensive Aphasia Therapy Client

    After speech therapy is Colombia and Argentina, Ana is glad Carolina made the choice to come for intensive aphasia therapy in English, improving her bilingual skills!
  • “Intensive Aphasia Therapy has given us back our conversation”

    Regina describes some of the deficits John had, and how Intensive Aphasia Therapy has increased John’s motivation to learn, and given them to tools they need to have real conversation.
  • Post Aphasia Therapy: Patricia “Now we can care more for each other!”

    Paul and Patricia have been married for 30 years and have 4 wonderful kids. Waking up out of “La-La Land” , Patricia realizes she needs to rest when they rest, exercise when they exercise!
  • Todd: Watching His Son’s Continued Independence

    Todd shares how even just after the first week of intensive aphasia therapy, he sees how his son Cody will defy the doctor’s notion of a “plateau”. Cody was hit by a car and sustained a serious brain injury with aphasia but has fought his way back!
  • A Caregiver’s Take on Watching Aphasia Progress

    Adbul has a unique perspective on being a close friend-caregiver for someone with Broca’s aphasia. He shares some of the victories of his friend who attended an 8-week Intensive Aphasia Therapy session.
  • “If you don’t try it, you’ll never know!”

    Tammy’s husband, a retired Marine was left with global aphasia. When an answer from the receptionist finally helped her make her final decision, Tammy and her husband learned more ways to communicate other than verbal.
  • Jen’s Eye Opening Experience

    Jen came into this program with certain expectations. What she left with was a deeper understanding of aphasia and a plan to move forward.
  • Nairda and Aldo: He learns to speak Spanish and English again

    Traveling all the way from Puerto Rico, Nairda shares her experience with Aldo at The Aphasia Center.
  • Testimonial: Ann’s husband has Very Severe Broca’s Aphasia

    Ann’s husband, Bobby, has very severe Broca’s Aphasia. He couldn’t understand well or speak at all when he started his 8-week program.
  • Treatment of Severe Broca’s Aphasia

    Ray describes his wife, Karen’s, struggles with aphasia and what they’ve accomplished during a 6-week intensive program.

  • Improvments in Severe Dysarthria and Agraphia

    Tim discusses the improvement in his father’s speech, texting, emailing, and reading while at The Aphasia Center.
  • Ken: Anomic Aphasia Progress

    Ken talks about his wife’s progress in finding the words she needs to express herself and do activities she enjoys.
  • Laura: Spouse with Very Severe Broca’s Aphasia

    Originally diagnosed with global aphasia, two years later Paul entered our 6-week program. He could only say “oh hi” and “ah lay” when he started but can now say the family’s names and approximately 30 words, gaining more every day.
  • Sarah: Anomic Aphasia

    Sarah Scott has become a well-known young person with aphasia on Youtube. Thousands have watched her progress in the past five years. In this clip, her parents relate their experience coming to the intensive aphasia program from the UK. Watch her videos here.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Aphasia

    As a mother of a young person with aphasia, Colleen is very pleased with the progress her daughter, Lauren, has made during her 6-week intensive program.
  • Kaye and Amy: Primary Progressive Aphasia

    John’s wife and daughter discuss how The Aphasia Center helped their family with Primary Progressive Aphasia.
  • Stephanie Testimonial: Intensive aphasia treatment for anomic aphasia

    Stephanie talks about her experiences with her 46-year-old husband at our 6-week intensive aphasia treatment program. Find out why she would recommend it and why she decided it was the best choice for her husband’s therapy.
  • Colleen: Intensive Aphasia Treatment Testimonial (severe Broca’s aphasia)

    Colleen describes her experiences with an 8-week intensive aphasia program for her husband. Watch her Caregiver story to hear about his skydiving accident and subsequent aphasia.
  • Intensive Aphasia Testimonial – Global Aphasia

    Carol talks about her experiences at a 6-week intensive aphasia treatment program at The Aphasia Center in St. Petersburg, FL. Her and her husband were a remarkable pair.
  • Shirley: Intensive Aphasia Testimonial

    Shirley talks about her experiences with her husband with aphasia during an 8-week intensive aphasia therapy program at The Aphasia Center. Her husband had a severe Wernicke’s aphasia.
  • Testimonial for Intensive Aphasia Treatment at The Aphasia Center

    Melissa talks about her family’s experience during a 6-week intensive aphasia treatment program at The Aphasia Center.
  • Intensive Aphasia Treatment Testimonial for The Aphasia Center

    Lisa talks about her family’s experience during a 4-week intensive aphasia treatment program at The Aphasia Center.
  • Roseanne’s Experience: Aphasia from a Traumatic Brain Injury

    Roseanne talks about her family’s experience with intensive aphasia treatment at The Aphasia Center.