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Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a new, non-invasive treatment for aphasia. It’s part of the treatment program for those who qualify

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Aphasia and Numbers

Aphasia and Numbers

Almost every person you meet with aphasia will have lost most of their ability to name letters or numbers. There will be a disconnection between recognizing these numbers/letters (“Show me the 3”) and naming them aloud (“What is this?”). Many people can accurately write numbers but cannot say them without writing them or without counting […]

Tips for Insurance Reimbursement at The Aphasia Center

Tips for Insurance Reimbursement at The Aphasia Center

Insurance reimbursement for intensive aphasia treatment is a great way to help your family with therapy expenses, as well as maintain therapy for a longer time. Each insurance policy and coverage is different, but our experience will help you prepare you to get the most from your insurance. Before coming to The Aphasia Center, contact […]

Reading and Aphasia

Reading and Aphasia

Reading in aphasia can be one of the more difficult skills to rehabilitate. It’s also the skill most of the clients we see want to regain. Although reading is usually more preserved than writing, it can still takes a long time to improve. People with all types and all levels of aphasia have reading issues. […]

Cursing and Aphasia

Cursing and Aphasia

“He can’t say anything but ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but he can sure cuss when he’s mad!” I’ve been told variations of this statement for years whenever I ask about a client’s speech. Sometimes the family thinks it’s funny and is not concerned about it, other times the family may be mortified and afraid of what […]

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