Intensive Aphasia Treatment Daily Schedule

“He isn’t just a patient, there’s actual caring going on here”–daughter of a client

IMG_20140829_124712Daily sessions start at 9 or 10 a.m.  All therapeutic activities are conducted with a licensed speech pathologist.

Individual Therapy Sessions

More than 80% of the program time is spent in 1:1 sessions with an expert aphasia therapist. You work on the goals and activities that are most important to you. Research has shown that goals that are person-centered, individualized, and relevant to you show better outcomes and longer-lasting effects. Our unique approach uses a combination of activities to discover your language levels, then create activities that work slightly above that level. No more plateaus, no more frustrating or boring therapy.

 Group Communication Therapy051

What helps your communication the most? Practicing it with everyone! Group sessions are a great place to carry-over skills learned in the individual sessions, discuss common problems or issues, learn and utilize new communication strategies, and provide support during communication training. Groups may be conducted in the community or in the facility, but are daily during lunch.

Field Trips (Community Integration)DSC_0016

Eating lunch out to practice ordering, going on a picnic, and buying supplies for our aphasia cooking group are just some of the activities that we do. Some activities involve all of the caregivers, too!

 Computer-based training

Want help reading your email or the newspaper? Forgot how to use a computer? This is where it happens! Can be in individual sessions or groups of 2 persons with a therapist.






 Moving Beyond Aphasia™