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Anything is possible when there is no plateau

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Families with aphasia are often told that they have reached a therapy plateau, but they don’t know about intensive aphasia therapy. There is over 25 years of research showing that intensive aphasia therapy produces better and longer-lasting results than traditional therapy schedules. Click here for more information on intensive aphasia treatment.

We are the only private Intensive aphasia program in North America.  Intensive aphasia treatment is provided year-round by professional speech-language pathologists. We offer flexible scheduling and no set start dates to customize your treatment in the client’s best interest. Clients participate in treatment for 5 hours per day for 2-8 weeks, and we design an exclusive Action Plan upon discharge that has everything they need to continue to make progress at home. Occupational therapy is included in the program fee.

The Aphasia Center  continually evolves to provide high quality, individualized services that are affordable and tailored to each client. We feel strongly about our commitment to helping families with aphasia, even after they leave the program, by offering online therapy and training.

Dr. Bartels-Tobin received her Ph.D. from the University of South Florida in 2007, with a focus on research in aphasia. She has presented her research internationally at The Academy of Aphasia and nationally at conferences such as Clinical Aphasiology and the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. Locally, she has presented at Florida and other state conventions, as well as local community groups. Her work has also been featured in MS Focus magazine, Stroke Smart magazine, and local magazines and newspapers. A full CV is available here. Dr. Bartels-Tobin holds a license to practice Speech-Language Therapy in Florida, Virginia, Georgia, and Maryland.

Dr. Bartels-Tobin created The Aphasia Center individual intensive treatment programs to provide an affordable choice for intensive aphasia treatment:

“I earned a Ph.D. in Speech Language Pathology because I loved research.  However, I soon realized that research is an indirect way to help people, and I wanted to  make a difference in a meaningful way.  I learned a lot about aphasia and how it operates, but I wanted to  use my knowledge to benefit others. I wanted to show families with aphasia how to make their lives better.

There are wonderful, productive people with aphasia who struggle to speak, who cannot talk on the phone, who can no longer enjoy their hobbies or communicate with family and friends.   I want to decrease the burdens so many families with aphasia carry every day. There are so many simple ways to make your lives easier”

Dr. Bartels-Tobin is available for consultations to discuss your family’s aphasia and how to best move forward.